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Best Ledger Mobile App For Indian Shoppers

Sankalp My Business App is the Ledger book for all the small/medium businesses and shop keepers, It allows you to maintain all the records of received and paid transactions, it tracks product purchased from suppliers, stock/Inventory, Product sold, Total profit/loss, Customers details, Debts on me, Debts on customers, Total expenses, Customer Invoices etc. It a solution for a complete business control on your fingertips in a very simple and friendly manner.

Sankalp App application is an android application that lets you make an accounting ledger or journal to manage your business transactions. It helps your business in maintaining easy bookkeeping by creating journals, ledgers, trial balance and balance sheet. Effectively keeps track of financial transactions and is used to generate the company’s financial statements.

Generate Invoices Instantly

Send professional invoices to clients and start accepting online payments from them. It’s simple, fast and convenient.

Track Inventory Real-Time

Keeping tabs on your inventory isn’t any longer a task. change inventory chase to manage the flow of products in and out of your organization

Run Reports Instantly

Say goodbye to spending long hours preparing financial reports. Generate P&L, Balance Sheet and more than 30+ reports at the click of a button

Work On The Go

You don’t have to be chained to your desk to do your bookkeeping tasks. Run your business from anywhere with our mobile apps

Easy to form ledgers, supplying you with complete management of your information during a written account manner. you’ll produce a brand new journal new or by victimization journal templates, created earlier


Easy and Simple interface:

Sankalp App lets you have a total control on your business accountancy part and it’s as easy as using register & pen. It helps you to track the record of teach and every penny moves in your business

No Accounting knowledge required:

Manage your finance by your own because no accounting knowledge is required to use this app.

Available in Hindi:

It supports both Hindi and English Languages.

Multiple user access:

You can collaborate with your employees or Manager and accountants by giving them the authority simultaneously to manage your business/shop.

Track Sales Record:

It maintains a record of every single sale that has been made by your shop and you can also track the sales of the individual product by its name and category.

Track Profit/Loss:

It tracks the record of your complete business and provides you the exact figures, and keeps you updated whether your business is in profit or loss.

Send Digital Invoices:

Now no need of purchasing billing machine or paper rolls, make your city green by providing the invoices through E-channels like direct text messages, whatsApp, Email etc and keep the E-records of all the invoices forever.

Application Features

Make Orders & Track Clients:

  • Select the order from the list of products
  • Give discounts and make bills
  • Get client details
  • Track it all
  • Make purchase and Track Sellers:

  • purchase new products for your inventory
  • Get the bills/invoice from your sellers
  • Get sellers details
  • Track it all
  • Track inventory:

  • Manage the details of each product
  • See the total cost of your available inventory
  • Track your damaged/lost products
  • Add existing product of your store’
  • Track Debts:

  • Track the debts on customers
  • Clear their debts at the same place
  • Keep the track of total debt amount on customers
  • See all the payment and product details of each order made by the customers
  • Track the debts on you from each sellers
  • Clear their debts at the same place
  • Keep the track of total debt amount on you
  • See all the payment and material details of each order made by you
  • Track Expenses:

  • Track the record of expenses on a Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly basis
  • Add your on field of expenses according to your business
  • View total expenses on a Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly basis
  • Track Business Report:

  • View and download Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly Report of the business
  • Total products sold
  • Total product purchased
  • Total discount given
  • Total expenses
  • Total profit
  • Top selling product
  • Total no. of customers added
  • Total debts on Customers
  • Total debts on me from material suppliers
  • Total current stock
  • Your Overall performance

  • Using Sankalp App, you can maintain a record of all transactions or amounts invoiced to your customers, as well as all credits and debits issued to them, and all payments made against invoices by them. Learn More about Sankalp App

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