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Developing mobile apps for small businesses: Keys to Success

Business marketing strategies are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile apps. Statista reports that 80% of smartphone users access the Internet using their devices. This means that businesses that don’t have a mobile presence are missing out on potential customers.

Apps allow you to connect directly with your customers, no matter where they are in the world. Apps can allow you to reach customers that you would never connect with in person. As a result, customers are better prepared to buy in-person because they can shop and research online.


There are three key aspects of implementing an app for your small business:

  • Designing the app
  • Developing the app
  • Marketing the app
  • Every step above should be done with one key in mind: integrating the app into the business. Customers should find your app easy to use and it should complement your business. It should not complicate your business.

    Planning your app-

    Brainstorming helps you come up with ideas. No matter if the development team is internal or external, the team must clearly understand how the app will operate.

    There are several considerations to plan:

  • Do you want to develop it for iPhone (iOS), Android, or both?
  • Do you plan on using live chat or messaging, email, push notifications, or a contact form to engage your customers?
  • Features that are most important for the initial release, and which can be held back for a later release?
  • Can customers make purchases through the app?
  • Are location services going to be used by the app?
  • Your business app should reflect your brand

    Branding is important because it helps people trust you. Consistent branding across multiple platforms creates strong brands. The design of your apps should ensure consistency across your brand.

    These elements of your brand will help you differentiate your company from the competition. You can get help from external experts to create a logo, slogan, and corporate identity for your company.

    Finding a reliable development partner

    This can be easier said than done! It is possible to increase your chances that an app development company will do everything possible to make sure that your specific needs will be met when you select it.

    Frigus Technologies provide End to End software solutions & our service includes the development of mobile apps (iOS & Android), web apps & websites in almost every technology as per client needs with that of DBMS, and CRM software solutions & has been providing custom development service for the same as per client requirements accompanied by exemplary standards, design guidelines, and 24x7 maintenance and support.

    Our expertise covers the UI/UX design, prototyping, and development of industry-driven and business-oriented responsive applications for web, mobile, and desktop. Also, Our team of marketers focuses on creating a strong brand presence by promoting on multiple social media networks, Authority sites, and PR networks. Our digital marketing services are customized to fit your project to get the maximum return on your marketing investments. We only rely on ethical services for sustainable marketing results.

    Frigus is the most promising and outcome-driven company which offers remarkable and flawless IT & Marketing solutions to its clients. We understand your business, we understand your challenges and we can provide you with the right solutions. Let’s discuss.

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