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Our Process

Begin the


Research on Idea

Business & Technical

Our initial aim is to understand the client’s requirements and needs and based on that find a domain expert with enough experience and knowledge. The client gives us a brief of the project that is to be undertaken and we do thorough research on it and understand the key problems and ways to resolve it



In depth discussion

We discuss the client’s needs and requirements and based on it, prepare a report of the problem and the necessary solutions after thorough research and study.



Scope, Timeline and Cost

We prepare the final scope for the project and give timelines for completion of each step. We also, give in detail cost structure to the client for the entire project.


Partner Selection

Selecting best software company

We want the best for our clients so we ensure that we find the best vendor for the project. We understand the requirements of the project and accordingly choose the ace in the business from our listed vendors


Contract & Kickoff

Legal Documentations

After the partner is decided and the scope of the project is finalized, all the legal formalities are completed. Frigus believes in complete transparency and hence, ensures that all the legal work is complete and updated. A formal contract is signed between the Frigus and the client mentioning the timelines, cost structure and accountability of the project completion.


Execution & Management

End to end management

Frigus offers a comprehensive package to all its clients where it takes complete responsibility of management and execution of work from start to finish. It is our job to oversee the project at every step of the way and also offer support wherever needed. Incase of any problems or issues regarding the project we take complete accountability and offer support.


Deployment and Support

Feedback & Rating

Frigus believes in providing continuous support to the clients even after the completion of the project. We take a feedback and rating from the client about the project. In case of any complaints or problems we offer to compensate. Our main endeavor is to ensure that the client is satisfied with our work.

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