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Frigus provides complete IT solutions for start-ups. We can help you design the IT platform for your business idea and also provide solutions encompassing from office management, data management and analytics, sales and marketing.

Travel , Tourism and Hospitality

Frigus helps you get the cutting edge in the highly competitive travel, tourism and hospitality business by offering IT solutions for ticketing and accounting.


Campaign and fund management applications, direct debit and payment gateways, member management, fund and donor management, data capture and distribution, automated response services and other customised applications.

Digital Media

In the crowded world of the digital media industry, XYZ gives you a competitive advantage though a wide range of services. Our offerings include - Content creation and management - Automation applications - Predictive analysis

Digital Media

Educational institutes are under increased pressure to provide high quality and low cost education to a wider cross section of society. To help them fulfil their role, we provide customised applications for learning and development.


Frigus comprehensive infrastructure makes it a single window provider of all IT needs of the Government sector. It helps in the deployment and implementation of e-governance down to the grass-roots level in activities.


Mission critical manufacturing process throw multiple challenges on the Manufacturing industry, especially with respect to minimizing losses, reducing efficiency,utilisation of raw material, increasing supply chain rising man power cost.


IT has touched every business and facet of life including publishing. Frigus provides services to digitalise content online in a variety of electronic formats. It helps you manage data and archives monitor demand and sales.


Reduce costs and enhance profits with technology at your fingertips. Frigus helps you improve sales, retain customer loyalty, manage inventory, automate costs, manage brands and provide real-time, personalised services to customers.


In the extremely dynamic telecom industry, Frigus helps you retain the competitive edge. Our specialised services for the telecom industry include, Operational and Business Support Systems, (OSS and BSS).


Healthcare, medical infrastructure and medical tourism require a wide spectrum IT infrastructure support. Frigus supports maintenance, security audit compliance, app development for medical transcription .

Transportation and Logistics

Frigus helps the transportation and logistics industry enhance their overall efficiency, reduce time and costs and maximise profits through automation and real-time data management.